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Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U! by Drache-LehreThe ComeTogetherProject is all about encouraging community.
Our goal is to bring the community directly to the members, in an attempt to inspire members to be a more active part of the community. With our focus on the "spread the love" concept, we encourage promotion, features, compliments, constructive feedback, random acts of kindness, reviews, support, and above all a strong sense of community.

Little Hearts Divider (Violet) by JEricaM

What do we do?

Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U! by Drache-LehreWe promote and feature community projects and events, bring deviants and groups with a focus on community to the forefront, post articles that educate members on how to get involved, and encourage collaboration of all kinds of art.
Dance Rhythm by ucurmi

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1. Be courteous and respectful at all times.
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The Weekly Muse 3

Tue Oct 29, 2013, 11:10 AM by lion-essrampant:iconlion-essrampant:
The Come Together Project

Hello, everyone! :wave:

Welcome to "The Weekly Muse." It's a weekly prompt for those
of you who might love being inspired by works of art or just need a kick
in the rear to get writing (or any other art-forming.). Either way, enjoy!

P.S. If you use any of these as inspiration, we would appreciate
it if you would link to the piece in your artist's comments!

Beautiful Titles

Into The Void
by vicious-mongrel
one sky
by Zim2687
in the current’s bed
by sparkbearer
Who are the real monsters?
by ClassyWalruses
The Sonata of Clouds
by Noldofinve
The Dead Won’t Mind
by KefkasJudgement
Can you imagine
by dominique-merot
autumn coffee
by KaterinaRaed
Star Keeper
by SteveDeLaMare
every escape leaves part of you behind
by DarkRiderDLMC
Checkerboard Moon
by sweetgreychaos
ocean of lights
by Hi-Zu-Mi

Beautiful Literature

My Midnight Lover.I spend the darkness
Waiting for you and your gracious splendor
In the midnight shroud
Your touch to graze upon my skin
Your lips like sweet roses
I have tasted none other...
Your scent has captured me into a game
A life intertwined within my veins
My heart now, full of burning desire
I crave you more than ever before
Your love and lust are all I ever need
To declare to the world that we are twisted
Now let us make the solemn night
An anthem for the lonely hearts
With you and me touch by touch
For your teeth graze upon my whim
As I wait patiently for the crimson dawn
To never come again...
To never come again.
<da:thumb id="410243846"/> <da:thumb id="410123241"/> I Like The NightsI like the Nights. What about you? It gives me time to think; to get away, to focus. I can rest my mind and spirit, as well as see what to do. The Nights always will be there, with time to think and time to breath. The Nights relieve your stress, as well as keep you calm and sane. With them, my spirit will never wane. I see the truth with Night. I feel safe with Night. No matter what, I feel no fright. I need no other light.
When I speak to the Night, I ask myself, 'What do others think? Why am I so different? How is it one can be so wrong yet so normal?' Things are different with the Night; I can speak freely and no one will care, I can see without being seen. I can think upon the hate and see it right. I can change my opinion in one moment for the better. I have a friend, the Night, she stays with me and leaves only for a short time; I need no other. I have my friends, but none of them can see me the way they should. With Her, I stay sane. People come and go, but Night, my love, will

ClairvoyantMy eyes are always open.  From the rise of dawn to the moon's reign in the night and even in my dreams, I see. 
My sight shifts, swirls of clarity come and go. Sometimes it's all tinged blue around the edges like I'm underwater and I can stay down for hours without having to breathe. It can be surreal, seeing that way. A waking dream that captures my vision, so entrancing I can't look away.
Sometimes it flashes; a glint of a knife, a smile, a scream. Bits and shards of pictures- puzzle pieces giving them selves to me but some mysteries are better left unsolved.
It's a burden and a safe guard with an ocean-tide mood ruled by something not at all in my control.
I think that's what freaks me out the most. The randomness of it all, the tiny things I choose to ignore that could be important. 
But I can't chase every one of them, can I? 
This morning in the shower it was a storm, dark with raging winds. A broken window and wet shards of glass at my feet
UnderstandIn my dreams
No screams
I die
crying tied
To all the hurtful lies
While I dream
demons come for me
take my soul
let me go
death is calling
take me home
my agony wails
despairing of a hell
singing angels
mellow of danger
call me forth
through all my anger
feeling lonely
a little stranger
giving pleasure
sun setting on the endangered
I'm no supermanA young man walked down the street, staring at the sidewalk and tucking his hands into his jean pockets as he tried to keep himself from making eye contact with anyone he passed by. He needed to be invisible for as long as he could and, due to a very terrible mistake, he was having to quit a lot of things he used to do and go under the radar. Nick was the superhero of this city, and his identity had been leaked.
Everyone knew now that the completely average Nickolas Fletcher-Hodgkiss was the incredible hero, mainly known as Wonder Boy. Nick could never come up with a proper alias for himself, so he just stuck to the name given in the paper headlines, and he felt it suited him well enough. He was able to protect the city at night, and go to school and play his music at local bars during the days and some evenings. He was a badass, and yet still could maintain his normal personality, but that had all suddenly been ripped away from him.
He couldn’t be the same average joe

<da:thumb id="410164113"/> girl, unknownShe believes in ghosts, draws flowers in the palm of her hand, little graveyards to all those skeletons laid to rest in her mind closet. She believes in another life after death because there's got to be more to it than this, she knows she must be missing out. She doesn't have a God but she believes in faith, everyone needs to rely on something, no matter how intangible the proof. She believes in love when he falls asleep next to her and the silence isn't too much. When she doesn't have to count her heartbeats before she falls asleep. She believes, she believes in everything and in everyone without restraint. She doesn't know otherwise.
(maybe she stopped believing in fairytales after the girl, but we'll never know)
Faye's resolutionFaye didn’t like the plan much, but it was a good general idea, what she detested was the fact that will have to go underground; originally she didn’t mean to follow Laetitia but knowing her it was better to do so, she could be too passionate sometimes and lose control once she already had it. Her contribution mainly was to get them a place that was safe enough to not attack attention and selecting the group that will accompany them.
She had been there before and the Master showed her the ways to hide in those tunnels. The Claudia Aqueduct was a large set of waterways and sewers and even if not the best smelling place in Rome it wasn’t so horrible. When they came back with a hostage she pitied the older woman, got her to her undergarments and instructed for her to be kept safe and alone, she might serve another purpose later on.
The sound of explosion resonated through the walls and long corridors, she made sure the improvised cell was properly locked and went to the
LuminousWe lie together in the dark
the pale shape of you sleeping
rising and falling in the heat
I run my hands over the curves of your form and the walls
the curling corners of posters and
the four poster bed.
naked except for your shirt
the sound of the floorboards creak
in the hush under the soles
of my feet.
stopping to smile
at the faded play on words I can make out in the dark
"lettuce be"
outside the window
(and in my mind)
rain falls
on wood.

Beautiful Images

Haciendo musica! by Cristina2786 <da:thumb id="410117789"/> Swirl by Liek :: now's the only time I know by noahsamuelmosko

Benz Pornchita by juepaap Keneru and Deborah Valentine 2013 - Enigma by Keneru92 Monsoon by BlueFoxxx Wild Moon - sketch by MayumiOgihara

Environment Concept by Kuthinks Earth Fire and Magic by Juli-SnowWhite night club by sangvine Secret Lands by batjorge

Until next week!

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